2024 Thin Watches and Slim Watch Style Guide

SKONE Thin Sports Watch

Ultra Thin and Beautiful. This SKONE watch can easily go from Casual to Classy Formal.

EYKI Thin Men/Women

A Smart Thin Watch for either Sex. The EYKI Unisex Watch has Universal Appeal.

CARNIVAL Hwguoji Luxury

CARNIVAL Hwguoji. Large yet Thin. Gives the Imposing Appearance without the Bulk.

ThinWatchStore.com has a wide selection of attractive thin watches that can easily carry you through your day. For the most part we consider watches 10mm thick or less to be "thin" watches. The majority of watches on our website lean towards "ultra-thin" since they average about 7mm thick or less. The vast majority are also versatile enough to stylishly go from casual to business

Welcome to the ThinWatchStore style 2024 guide. We search far and wide to find the best value on stylish thin watches and slim watches. We've always been a huge fan of thin watches. At first fascinated by the ability of watchmakers to squeeze working watches into thinner and thinner packages and now amazed at the variety of watches that fit into the "thin", "slim" and "ultra thin" categories.

While there are a variety of "thick" watches. They also require that you have a thick wad of bills in your wallet. As a result we have found some of the best under $100 (most under $50) thin watches on the market. Most of the watches displayed share a few key specs including being fashionable, thin or ultra-slim, stainless steel (or other long-lasting band type) and of course affordable.

Below you'll find a number of thin watch selections for this article. You'll find many more if you browse our store. We update our watch inventory often so check back for revisions to this article and/or our store page for "New Arrivals". Also sign up for our mailing list to receive Special Offers (at the side & bottom of the page), Coupons and Limited-Time Discounts that are only available to our mailing list.

SINOBI Star Wars Chrono

This SINOBI Smart Chronograph Watch is Practical and also Functional for Daily Use.

WWOOR 50m Waterproof

A Smart Thin Watch for either Sex. The EYKI Unisex Watch has Universal Appeal.

SINOBI Triple Turntable

SINOBI Triple Turntable Watch. One of a number of Unique Dial Watches in our Inventory

We carry a varied selection of Thin Watches for Men. ThinWatchStore carries everything from the most stylish thin chronographs available on the market. Thin watches come in a variety of makes and styles includes waterproof varieties and even unique dial selection and reading mechanisms. 

LIGE Luxury Dress Watch

Flashy & Fun and Thin Ladies Luxury Dress Watch. Unmistakable & Amazing.

SLOGGI Rhinestone Plus

SLOGGI Banded True Wrist Watches. The Casual Watch that Always Gets Attention.

JULIUS Square Luxury

Understated Luxury. This JULIUS Square Watch goes from Work to Dress Nights Out.

Of course we provide thin watches suitable for women. Women styles can vary quite a bit from the fun and casual to business dress and classy. ThinWatchStore.com carries a wide selection of Thin Watches for Women that can easily span you daily needs from noon until night.

Ultra Thin Mens Watches

OLEVS Ultra Thin Mens

Less than 7mm Thick and Stunning Style for both Men and Women


Another Popular GEEKTHINK Ultra Thin Watch. A Timeless Look with Universal Appeal.

JULIUS Ultra Thin

The Impressive Stainless Steel Mesh Band hosts an Impressive Ultra Thins JULIUS Watch.

Ultra Thin watches cast a very impressive image. They both feature the style of thicker watches while at the same time displaying the impressive craftsmanship of shrinking needed watch components into a slim sleek package that never fails to impress.

Unique Slim Watches...

SKONE Unisex Hi-Tech

Hi-Tech Unisex Style. A Popular choice of People that want a Smart Hi-Tech Look

LANCARDO Rectangle

The Ultra Modern Rectangle. The Unique Symbol Reveals the Time in a Futuristic Style.

OLEVS Nylon Band

The Versatile Nylon Band of this Top-Selling OLEVS Watch always Look Sporty & Smart

You can find a wide selection of unique watch faces in our inventory. A quick scan of our inventory will reveal a number of strange and startling watch items that never fail to draw attention and start conversations. Some in classic modes and some showing futuristic designs and styles.

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